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3 Place- 3 Private suites


  • 3 season unit (Spring, Summer, and fall)
  • 3 separate locking suites- each with toilet, one with toilet and urinal, paper towel and soap dispensers, mirrors, sink, and warm water
  • Wood plank flooring
  • 125 gallon fresh water tank
  • 500 waste water tank
  • 22’ long (with tongue) x 13 wide (with stairs) x 10’ tall
  • 3- 120V 30 AMP
  • Standard spigot hook-up
  • Up to 150 guests/per day, for multi-day events additional services may be needed
  • External occupancy lights
  • External night lights


Trash and recycling pick-ups will be delayed by one day on or after the holiday with Friday pick-ups occurring on Saturday.