When Mountain Waste picks up your recyclables, they are taken to one of two sorting centers that are a great distance away.

The recyclables of former MRI customers (approximately 80% of our recyclables) are taken to the Eagle County processing center in Wolcott, CO (about 60 miles away). This facility requires us to sort all recyclables into two major groups:
  • Fiber (paper, cardboard, cereal boxes, etc.)
  • Co-mingle (plastic, glass and metal mixed together)

The recyclables of former InterMountain customers are taken to a single-stream sorting facility in Denver (about 180 miles away). Single stream recycling allows all of the recyclables to be mixed together because the advanced (and expensive) technology within the sorting center separates the materials.

In both cases, recyclables collected on route are loaded into a larger truck and hauled to one of the two processing centers. We reduce transportation costs and fuel use, as well as improve operation efficiency, through the transfer station, which helps ensure trucks are full on each trip to the processing center. We are working toward using only one method to collect recyclables; for now, we will continue to use two methods.

Recycling Challenges

How to Prepare Your Recyclables