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Our Story

We are a materials management company and our goals are simple: take away the trash from your home, business, construction site or special event. To provide our customers with the tools to compost or recycle the materials they can, and to educate our customers about strategies to reduce their waste.


But there’s so much more to it than that. We are members of this community, with strong relationships with people and businesses throughout this area. We care about the environment as well; this care is woven into our business and service offerings as much as possible. Managing waste and other materials has many facets, whether we’re discussing recycling efforts, waste-to-energy, landfills, composting, human waste disposal. Local, state, and national-level regulations have a significant impact on how we provide services. As a company, Mountain Waste & Recycling embraces a business culture of honesty and education with regard to the realities of what happens to your waste when it’s taken away, whether to the landfill, to be recycled, or to some other destination.

The ways in which these regulations are mandated, promulgated, and executed affect the way we provide services to you, and how much they cost. We believe our customers have a right to know and understand these issues, and we are committed to providing information so that you can understand how they affect you. We believe our customers should be educated about these issues so they can make informed consumer decisions.