Mountain Waste & Recycling will collect your recyclables and transport them to processing facilities.

The materials we collect include:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper/Office paper/Magazines
  • Co-mingled containers such as tin cans, plastic bottles (#1 – #7), glass bottles and jars, and aluminum cans

Recycling Costs

This area of the country poses transportation challenges when it comes to recycling. There are no local processing centers, which means we have to transport loads of recycling materials at least 60 miles to the nearest sorting center. Additionally, these locations charge a fee to deposit recycling materials, which is based on weight. The more we bring to recycle, the more it costs. Much of the material collected in the Roaring Fork Valley must be sent to other cities where it is further prepared for ultimate re-use or taken to manufacturing facilities directly. All of these factors affect the cost of our recycling service. 

For more information about the challenges with recycling in the Roaring Fork Valley, please read more.

Recycling Etiquette

In order to keep costs low, it’s important that we are able to service our customers on time. When our customers properly sort their recyclable materials, it ensures that we can process your material. 

  • Please, NO PLASTIC BAGS. We cannot accept them, and they gum up the processing machines. Even if other recyclables are put inside a plastic bag, we still cannot take them. Plastic bags among otherwise recyclable materials can cause us to have to dump the entire batch of recyclables into the landfill instead of taking the load to processing facility.  
  • Only put recyclable materials into your recycle bin. This includes: glass, plastic bottles (#1 – #7), newspaper, magazines, and cardboard. As we’ve already mentioned, do not put plastic bags into recycling bins.
  • We cannot recycle things like: bowling balls, couches, radios and electronics, clothing, chain link fencing, most athletic equipment, or houseplants. If you have furniture that’s in relatively good condition, consider donating it to Habitat For Humanity of the Roaring Fork Valley, taking it to a nearby thrift store, listing it on local internet sites where people sell and trade goods, or giving your well-used couch to a person in college whose front porch is uncushioned.